Review in Photos: Year 1 as a Flight Attendant

On this day, one year ago, I graduated from Flight Attendant training one of the world’s largest airlines. Did I think I would be here today, lifestyle changed completely? Yes and no and I hoped. It was a journey of finding myself to get where I am and I think gaining my place in this company that has defined who I am and who I’ll be in the future in all the best ways.

Today, in celebration of this accomplish in my journey, I’m going to share some highlights to this past year!




After 8 weeks of training, April 6th 2018, I gained my wings and became, for the second time, a flight attendant. I couldn’t wait to be in the air again and out of the classroom.







New Hire Events:

As much as I hate going to them, having them let me know that I was appreciated (collectively with the other new hires in my year) enough to hold and budget these events.







Rocking Old and New uniforms

Meeting Zac Posen, not once but twice, in our old Richard Tyler on my FIRST rotation.

Then again on launch day for our New Zac Posen uniforms! What a surprise!

When can I be a brand ambassador?




My first time traveling to Europe (I even got the passport stamps!). The crew was helpful, even if I was put into the galley for my first international flight. I got to go to the famed tulip garden with one group of ladies, and then met up with a couple of other flight attendants that walked me around the city center. Grateful for the experience.

IMG_2264IMG_2271 IMG_2283 IMG_2276

IMG_2279  IMG_2275 IMG_2272






Keep Climbing

In October I got my Flight Leader bar! On my hire date, I received my 1 Year of Service pin! Time Flies while a Flight Attendant.





Making the most of layovers:

I don’t often get long layovers as a new hired or good ones for that matter. I’m sometimes surprised to find I made a friend on a trip, or the hotel is amazing, or I was someone’s light in a dark place because I smiled at them. At the trip’s end, something, hopefully positive, stays with me. So here are some of the other notable memories I collected from this past year!


Short layover, but got to visit my friend in Jacksonville, FL!

IMG_2383 IMG_2391

24 hours in Sunny San Fransico


October at the Beau Rivage was so beautiful!


View and Smells of the Caribbean

IMG_2897 IMG_2912

One of my favorite hotels I’ve been to in Chicago located steps away from an art museum I want to go back and explore!

IMG_3080 IMG_3081

35 hour layover = a day at the Butterfly garden in Gainesville, FL


19 hours in Guatemala City! Best move up I could gotten!




All the great uniform pieces I’ve been able to wear!



Onward to another year more!


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  1. Lilly
    April 7, 2019 / 2:22 am

    Great job Rand in Ran Ran Land!!!
    Love You!!
    Mom And Sakura

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